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Historical information about
the original 7th Texas Infantry, 1861 –1865.


"Waco Guards" originated from a local militia unit in Waco, McLennan County, Texas. Following the outbreak of hostilities, volunteers flocked to enlist, and around July 1861 the Waco militia was divided into two companies and placed in readiness for active service. Chief justice Hiram Bronson Granbury commanded one of these companies. Some weeks later he was ordered to report to Marshall, Texas, for enrolment into the regiment of Judge and Congressman John Gregg. Thus, on October 2, 1861, the "Waco Guards", numbering 71 officers and men, entered service in the Confederate army. They were immediately dispatched to Hopkinsville in southwest Kentucky, where Gregg's regiment was finally organised on November 10, 1861.
"Waco Guards" now became Company A of the 7th Texas Volunteer Infantry Regiment.


Texas on the eve of war

Map of the state of Texas showing where the 7th Texas was recruited


Service 1861 – 1865

Brief history of the 7th Texas Infantry

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Table of organization 1861

Table of organization 1863

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Lists of deaths at Camp Alcorn.KY fall/winter 1861/62
who rests at Riverside Cementery,Hoplinsville,KY


Field and staff officers
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